I Tried…..*coughiknowibrokehisarmscough* this is what i get for trying something new xD
Edit:Omg it looks like he’s doing the snk salute, that was not intended please forgive me!.
*Goes back to spamming World Leaf Circumstances*
Edit: I have been having a huge sense of dejavu since i drew this and idk what it means….hmmm…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..!…hhmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!…..>:U
Bah! i should have just left it with Kuroha…
This guy gets almost no love in this fandom.
Character Illustration/Concept Art featuring my main, Raines~ 8D
PS: it’s not really supposed to make sense…….much like his personality 8D